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"This company offers free shipping but it is fast. The product comes in 3 days! It is also extremely effective product. I have been using them for sometime now. I even have to use them to help out my neighbors who are poor and have a roach problem. This company's prices are well below other do it yourself pest control places on the web. Their site is easy to navigate, compare products, find what you need etc.."

Clayton, NC


"We have a large blue spruce tree in our front yard that was decimated by bagworms. I was told by the County Ext. Office that it would most likely not recover enough to warrant keeping the tree even after spraying. He recommended spraying with a "Spinosad" product to minimize the damage to beneficial insects and birds. I chose "Captain Jack's Deadbug Juice" from DoMyOwnPestControl. I took pictures of the tree from all angles and told myself that if there was not significant improvement in 1 year, I would have the tree taken down. To my amazement, I did not even have to refer to the pictures! The tree has new growth all over! Of course, it will never fill out the way it once was, but I am so pleased that the tree I planted when I was 11 years old can be saved and continue to provide beauty to the landscaping and a home for numerous birds. Small footprint, big rewards."

Northwest Indiana


"I have used this company several times and love it! I even refer many others to Pricing and delivery have been fabulous. Great advice on how to use the products you sell. I wish I would have found you initially before paying an exterminator $2,500 to do a job that end up costing me $150 here. I know where to go when I need assistance again. Thank you for a great website."

New Jersey


"So I decided to give a "bed bug kit" a try... honestly, after only three days, I'm not getting bitten at all... follow up in a couple weeks, hopefully will permanently eliminate the little buggers..."



"This website is one of the most informative I've ever been on. User friendly and to the point. Everything was explained about how to do it myself and how to conquer the problem I have. My emails were answered very quickly and and I was made to feel assured that I was purchasing the right product. The customer feedback also helped put me at ease with my purchase. I will recommend this site whenever possible. Customer service was great and that's something rare these days."

Marion, IN