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"Phantom liquid is excellent! The booklet attached (25 pages) is well-written. After careful reading, I had no questions, but (see below) the company is easily contacted. I was careful (gloves, eye protection, mask, cap, etc.), but I had no "newbie" application difficulty. Delivery (UPS 2nd day air) was fine.The accompanying Chapin Premier sprayer arrived missing a small part. Chapin quickly sent one via priority mail. Even with that delay, everything was in hand, ready to go, five days after the order was placed.[Per directions, TEST sprayers with water BEFORE filling "for real." If there is a problem, you won't be searching for an appropriate gallon storage container. Also, you gain some experience adjusting the sprayer nozzle.] I'm satisfied with the purchase, "" and"Chapin" customer services, ease of product application, quick disappearance of pavement ants, and the cost-effectiveness of "DoingMyOwn" pesticide treatment. I highly recommend!"

Phoenix, AZ


"Great site for finding pest control products at a great price. Pretty good product information but my favorite is to read the customer reviews for each product. this is a great feature and is extremely helpful in picking the correct product and learn from other customers advise and experiences."

San Jose, CA


"This is one of the best online companies I have ordered from. Their website is easy to navigate and their delivery was very fast. I will buy from them again."

Jacksonville, FL


"Great Company! Strongly recommend. We had a problem with German Cockroaches. After trying several store bought products that didn't work we found their website. They recommend some products and after two weeks we have never seen another roach."

Zephyrhills, Florida


"Ordered my products through DoMyOwnPestControl. There was free shipping and I received the products within 3 days. The packaging was secure and neat. I would definitely order through them again. I have told several friends. Pricing seems reasonable and you won't find their products at any local hardware store or department store. Good job!"

Collinsville, IL