DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"Found your site on Browser, searched for Delta Powder, bingo... then check out was a breeze. Will definitely return when I need more supplies!"

Mineral, VA


"I placed my order less than 24 hours ago and already received it! I even selected free shipping. Could not ask for better service. I will definitely be a returning customer!"



"We had a problem from an old apartment with bedbugs. We called professional exterminators and they were asking between $500-$1000 to exterminate . I knew I could do it myself given the right instructions and products. I searched and found I read the information about their product and decided to go with them. Being in the IT world, I am very familiar with online scams boasting false claims. I ordered the package and sprayer from this site and followed the instructions they give with each package. I saw a difference immediately with these products versus the store brand names. The instructions were clear and very helpful in finding all the areas they might be in. I can now say that the place we now live has been bedbug free for a few months now and we couldn't be happier. One, no more bedbugs but also, we didn't have to spend a fortune for an exterminator!! Believe their ads, their products work!!!"



"First time user, recommended by a lawn consultant. Talked with Customer Service who was incredibly courteous and extremely helpful -- how refreshing!"

Melfa, Virginia


"Do My Own Pest Control is one of the most elite companies that i have done business with for 2 reasons. Products that I have ordered usually arrive about 48-54 hrs later and shipped free. 2nd reason is that I have done a job that the pros would have charged around $1500 for only $350. BTW the prices of the product are a less expensive then the local pest control shops. Once again 2 thumbs up for DMOPC!"

Deer Park ,Texas