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"We tried getting rid of the drain flies for months, without success and with great frustration. We purchased DF 5000 and within just 1 day, we could see a major difference! Within 5 days, they were all gone. Have not seen another drain fly for about 2 weeks now. Thank you!!"



"I have ordered your products before and they have been easy to use and high quality. The sales staff is also helpful in identifying the correct product for the type of pest. I was uncertain about what pest I actually had and they helped me examine the markings on the pest to figure it out."

Columbus, OH


"I spent so much time and money trying to get rid of our flea problem, I was in tears not being able to get them to go away. I finally found your site and decided to try an IGR and insecticide, it was a miracle! They were gone within the week and I will continue buying these products from you and using them every 6 months! I know I will never have to rip my hair out because of the stress of fleas again!!!!"

Grand Rapids, MI


"I have used this company for years, I have been told by professionals that this is exactly what they use, so save yourself some money and get the products you need here, they really do work."

Monticello, FL


"Had exactly the product I wanted and at a very reasonable price and answered all of my questions about the product and the availability of this product to an individual like myself that wanted to do his own pest treatment. I highly recommend this company and they delivered exactly as they promised."

Laurel, MS