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"I ordered The Chapin Premier two gallon stainless steel sprayer. I also ordered the brass fan spray nozzle. They were a good bargain and I have enjoyed using them. I use them as a professional PCO. I received my order quickly and in good shape."

Adams Run, SC


" is the best around and the service is fast and friendly! They cover a very wide range of needs for the average Joe at home just doing it his self! Thanks DoMyOwn!"

La Mesa, CA


"I am so glad to have found your site. Been 14 months and thousands of dollars on this problem. I had bed bugs and later I realized I also had bird mites. Before I realized I had them, I had a infestation ofl the whole house. I tried solving the problem with vacuuming, and cleaning, every day, and all day, until I thought of the bombing canisters. Then I also did that too. The biggest mistake I made was that I did not do it every 7 to 9 days. The instructions said on most products that it would do the job for 7 months. Thanks to your site, there is a correct way of doing things. I appreciate all the information the readers have shared. "

Wapato, Wa. 98951


"I have placed and received 5 orders from DoMyOwnPestControl and each has been extremely fast and efficient. If they have it, I will always order from them."

Orange Park, FL


"I think DoMyOwnPestControl is a great site for people who don't know much about the products they are looking for. It gave me info about the pests I am dealing with and the products I needed at a reasonable price"

Dallas, TX