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"Very simple and easy to use website and you can pay with Pay-Pal. You cant beat that!"

Bronx, NY


"Great products. Great service. Good information on your web site. No reason to shop elsewhere."

Dade City, FL


"The site was extremely customer friendly. It was very easy to locate the products for which I was searching. All and all, the experience went very smoothly. Thank you."

Erie, PA


"Excellent job! You had what I wanted, got it to me quickly, and were able to add to my order after I had submitted it to save me from a second order and the associative shipping costs.  I will be back!"

Milwaukee, WI


"Great website. I ran across it when I encountered a Sri Lankan Weevil problem on my fruit trees. I found the recommended pesticide on this site and customer service was extremely helpful. They always are either by phone or e-mail, they will help you with any questions. I did the free shipping on all three of my orders so far and all packages were shipped within 2 hours and delivered within 2-3 days. Customer service doesn't get better than this. The products really are professional grade. I was at a nursery and told them what I was using and they seemed a little surprised that I even knew what about these products. You can't get them in stores and there is no comparison between the effectiveness of these products and the stuff you'll get at Home Depot, Walmart, etc.."

Coral Springs, FL