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"I was desperate to find a product that would control/kill house spiders. It was helpful to read others' review of the product I needed to purchase. Actually, I would not have known what to purchase without reading the reviews. Very, very helpful. Your website is well-designed making shopping easy and products easy to find. Pleasant experience. Good job!"

Old Lyme, CT


"Their website is very easy to navigate and I found the description of products and additional information very helpful. The fact they offer a discount when buying more than one of the same product was a plus. Free shipping regardless of the amount spent was an added bonus!"

Corpus Christi, TX


"Found about your company a few years ago from a son back east & have been using you since then. Also have given some packages to other family & friends with my recommendation."

Los Angeles, CA


""This site was great! Shipping was fast and delivery was on time. I had no need to contact customer service regarding the use of the products because the web site answered all of my questions before I even placed the order. Because of this, I was able to order with confidence and had no need to return any part of my order. is GREAT "....i lifted this verbatim from Nicole of Coshocton, Ohio who expressed word for word my feelings about your company. what a pleasure to find a totally user-friendly web site as well as competent packing and shipping...thanks to you i am ridding my home of the insidous and evil drain fly and my gratitude is boundless."

cleveland ohio


"I discovered just at the perfect time to deal with some brown recluse spiders. The sticky traps arrived very quickly and now I have them all over the house. The traps were very well protected for shipping and no wasteful packaging either. The whole transaction to order what I needed was easy and informative too. Now I'm feeling much more comfortable with these traps in my home. Thank you to!"

Guerneville, CA