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"I expect to save several hundreds of dollars by doing my own spider control. Also several articles I have read indicate better preemergent weed control when used as a separate application without fertilizer (weed and feeds). They are hard to find but DoMyOwnPestControl stocked it and sent it quickly even though I live on the other side of the country."



"Conquer has a quick knockdown for adult fleas. Instant relief after the 1st application. I added an IGR with Conquer and very pleased with the results. However I know I have a few treatments to go as fleas have 4 stages of development. Just making sure I get all 4 stages!"



"When I made my first purchase I was very skeptical. When I saw the results I was very pleased. I tell everyone that has a pest problem to go to"



"I discovered Do My Own Pest Control while researching how to take care of a Drywood Termite infestation. I looked for the ratings and saw the Youtube on the company and was impressed. Usually I order from Amazon, but I was impressed with the ease of ordering and layout of product info and reviews. I will definitely check the site out again if I need the product for subterranean termites."



"Do My Own Pest Control has some of the best qualities out there, especially for the new or new product do-it-yourselfer. You can pull up info according to pest, then educate yourself, make your purchase, then take care of whatever problem you have. I know people who own pest control companies, and I have been able to buy and treat my own problem for pennies compared to their rates, and this site allows me to do just that. Thanks, DoMyOwnPestControl."