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"Love, Love Do My Own Pest Control! We will continue to use them forever! The products are great, low cost and get the job done. Thank you because without you my home would be infested."



"My recent order was my first ever from Do My Own Pest Control. My wife and I recently found that our garage / shop was totally infested with termites and we needed to take immediate action! I have been disabled since 2003 and have a rather limited income, especially since my wife was forced to quit work 8 months ago to help me through my latest battle with throat cancer. We needed to find a way to do this job ourselves, due to our financial situation, and were searching the internet for a website that would "teach us" how to do the job, as well as help us in purchasing the right termiticide. After only a short browse, we found your site and had no need to look any further. We learned basically all we needed to know from your site! We were able to 1) quickly identify the type of termites we were battling 2) receive detailed instructions and videos showing us how to do the job and 3) were able to calculate the amount of termiticide needed and purchase it from you on-line. Your website was a great find for us! Everything we needed to do this job ourselves was provided on your site. About one hour after finding your website, we had read all of the "how-to" instructions, watched a really good training video, calculated the amount of termiticide needed and placed our order. We chose to utilize your free shipping offer and fully understood that it would, most likely, take 5 to 7 business days to receive our order of the Dominion product. To our surprise, our order was processed immediately and we received our order in 3 days! You guys are simply "too cool"! So, overall, our experience with your company was GREAT! You now have 2 more very satisfied and loyal customers that will use your company for any and all of our pest control needs in the future. My wife and I would both like to say Thank You and want you to know that we appreciate you. Thanks again."



"I order each year from Do My Own Pest Control and have found it so easy from the initial e-mail request for information, the on-line review of recommendations, to the completion of order/payment. Even updating my account was simple. Previous orders were shipped at once and I would expect this order will be as well."



"Love the products and the service!"



"My son in Hawaii has used products from Do My Own Pest Control for several years and gives them very high marks. I was impressed by the amount of helpful information on their website plus the ease at which a customer can negotiate the site."