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"I have not used the product yet (Alpine dust) but the product was in stock and delivered quickly. I called about a week after receiving it and spoke to a customer support person (Amber) who was very nice and patient, answering all my questions and seemed very knowledgeable. DoMyOwnPestControl seems like a good company. I will be buying another product very soon."

Sunapee, NH


"I enjoy the site because they thoroughly answer any question you may have quickly and don't simply try to make you buy the most expensive product. All questions are even posted so other customers can find questions that may suit them. It's really reassuring as it shows the answers aren't generic robot responses.The free shipping is great as well, as most other stores add at least $8-10 extra for standard shipping. The prices of some items seem a bit high but given the quality it's understandable. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to handle pests."

Orlando, FL


"The expert advice personnel were excellent! I called twice, once for advice on what to buy and the second on how much. They were VERY good! Even helped me make sure I bought the right amount...I would have bought too much. Also, the first rep recommended to wait on the product I wanted for spiders and scorpions, but suggested a termite treatment I need now. VERY happy with the advice!"

Burleson, TX


"Product was shipped promptly and was exactly as I ordered it. What else can you say?"



"Spoke to a consultant at DoMyOwnPestControl named Amber after receiving Alpine dust to use for some residual bed bugs that would not go away (spent $1400 on 2 visits from a professional and been dealing with this issue for roughly 18 months- frustrating and mentally taxing!). I had many questions about how to use that product along with possibly buying other products from you. Amber could not have been more professional, patient and knowledgeable. She spent more time with me than I could have expected and answered ALL my questions and gave me great suggestions. How refreshing to get excellent customer service. Now I have a great idea how to attack my Bed Bug issue going forward. I can now see where many homeowners would bypass the high costs of a local professional and handle these bug issues for themselves because of businesses like DoMyOwnPestControl. Thank you Amber and DoMyOwnPestControl for great products and outstanding service."

Sunapee, NH