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The FeedSavr bird feeding system(s)
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The FeedSavr

The FeedSavr is the product you want to buy if you are having deer and squirrels eating your bird feed. Between raising the feeder up to 12' in the air and placing a squirrel deflecting shield on the pole itself, all your problems with other animals eating your bird seed will go away. The deflector plate will prevent critters and squirrels from climbing the pole. The pole will enable the bird houses and feeders to be high up so that deer will not be able to reach it. The best thing about this system is that it includes a pulley system, which you can use to bring the feeder down from its 12' foot perch to an easily accessible 4' to refill and clean. The FeedSavr can even hold up to 3 bird feeders. Everyone can easily work this feeder pole. The FeedSavr does not come with any feeders. Great to be used on your deck or in your yard. (Deck mounting bracket is not included).

Instructions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Fill your feeders

2) Raise them out of reach from squirrels and deer

3) Lower for refill and to clean

Product Documents

Assembly Instructions:
1. Dig foundation hole approximately 3 times the diameter of the ground sleeve. Recommended dimensions are 6 inches in diameter by 18 inches deep. If using cement to secure ground sleeve, dig hole five times the diameter of the ground sleeve recommended 10 inches in diameter.
2. Plumb ground sleeve and secure so that it will not move when dirt (or cement) is filled in around the sleeve. Keep inside of sleeve free from dirt or cement.
3. Use bottom section of the pole and a level to check for straightness. Pack dirt in around ground sleeve.
4. Assemble FeedSavr hangers. Screw the 3 black feeder hangers into the threaded holes in the black hanger sleeve (Do Not Over Tighten) hooks pointing up.
5. Slide the Tripod on to the bottom pole section with the ends of the three L shaped pins facing up (do not tighten wing nut). Take both halves of the metal squirrel guard (deflector) in your hands. Slide the two halves of the deflector plates together (one folded lip into the other) to make a complete circle. Place the hole in the deflector plate over the bottom section of pole above the tripod.
6. Line up rope cleat with holes in middle section aluminum pole. Insert screws and tighten with a screw driver until just snug. (Do Not Over Tighten). When the pole is completely assembled the cleat will be closest to the upper pole section.
7. Slide the hanger sleeve assembly on the middle section of pole, above the rope cleat, with slotted rope hood open side down.
8. Tie a knot on one end of the rope, feed the other end of the rope through the pulley and tie a knot in that end of the rope. Hold both ends of the rope in one hand. Slide the end of the rope from the side of the pulley that will be closest to the pole through the rope hood on the side of the hanger sleeve and pull on the rope until the knot slides under the hood.
9. Place the middle section of the pole on to the bottom pole section. Place the pulley assembly on the female end of the top pole section and tighten set screw.
10. Line the slotted hood on the hanger assembly up with the wheel on the pulley assembly.
11. Secure the Tripod just below the cleat with the bolt and wing nut provided.
If you want to mount the FeedSavr on your deck we have a support stand that can be attached to your deck. (sold separately).


The FeedSavr Pole will stand approximately 10.5 ft above the ground. The squirrel proofing deflector should be at least 48 inches above the ground.

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12/13/2014 Casandra from Ballston Lake

QDoes the hanger assembly on the Feed Savr swivel for easy access to all three feeders?

AThe Feed Savr only moves up and down for easy cleaning and refilling. The best thing about this system is that it includes a pulley system, which you can use to bring the feeder down from its 12' foot perch to an easily accessible 4' to refill and clean. For any additional questions, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly at 1-800-785-9401.

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