Therm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf.


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Therm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf. bag (2 cu ft.)
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Therm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf.

The Therm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf. perfectly supports root growth and keeps moisture, air and even the nutrients so the plants can grow. It can also be used for agricultural areas like greenhouses. This can be easily mixed with other soil materials that is required. This commercial perlite is easy to handle, loading and unloading.

About Therm-O-Rock West Inc.:

Therm-O-Rock West expertly processes perlite to fit your specific needs. The products shown here are but a sample of diverse products we have been producing for horticultural, industrial, and building applications.Our service and product availability make us the perlite industry leader in the Western region of the United States.

Perlite Use:

Can be used for construction uses; commonly used in roof insulation products and ceiling tiles. Improves plant growth. Increases amount of air and water that is held by the soil. Can be used as a filler in the process of creating cement and plastic. Filters for chemicals, beverages and pharmaceuticals use perlite.

Especially processed to be used for masonry insulation. Fills every vacant space within blocks, bricks, and mortar structures. Lightweight, low thermal conductivity, and fire retardant.Water resistant, rot resistant, and naturally repels termites.

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09/10/2014 Tony from England

QIs Perlite a natural insect repellent? Will it deter Red Mites?


Therm-O-Rock Perlite is not an insect repellent, it supports root growth and keeps moisture, air and nutrients so plants can grow. This product will not treat for Red Mites aka Clover Mites. To treat Red Clover Mites, we recommend using an insecticide spray such as Bifen IT.  Please take a look at our Clover Mites Page for more information on Bifen IT and other recommended products.

Outdoors: The best time to apply the spray is in the fall to prevent the movement of the mites to the house. Spraying should be done during the warmest part of the day when the mites are most active. Spray thoroughly around doors, windows, and foundations. Focus on the underside of the leaves of plants, bushes, and ornamentals as this is where Red Mites like to hide during the day. Granules such as Demand G Granules can also be applied in a 5 foot band next to the building foundation.

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06/22/2014 Michele from South Bend, In

QIs Therm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf. coarse or horticultural grade perlite?

ATherm - O - Rock Perlite Commercial 2 cf. is Horticultural grade Perlite. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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