Tomahawk BA Banana Paste 6 oz. Bait


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Tomahawk BA Banana Paste 6 oz. Bait jar (6 oz)

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Tomahawk BA Banana Paste 6 oz. Bait

Tomahawk BA is 6 oz. of Banana paste bait. This bait is very attractive to skunks in the spring of the year. It is also very effective for raccoons all year round. Proper baiting techniques are very important for trapping target animals and our paste baits and bait sticks make it easy. Paste baits are very effective all year round because of their compelling aroma which attracts animals from long distances. We use thick paste baits which enables them to hold up during extreme weather conditions. 6 oz. of bait is good for 15 to 20 settings. For optimal baiting, dip a bait stick into the proper paste bait and hang the bait stick at the back of the trap so that it dangles behind the trip pan.

Bait sticks are not included with this paste. You are free to use any type of stick (a tongue depressor or a popsicle stick) with this paste. Bait Sticks are available to purchase separately if needed.

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