Tomahawk BS21 21" Extendable Bite Stick


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Tomahawk BS21 21\ stick (21 in)

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Tomahawk BS21 21\

Tomahawk Model BS21 is an extendable bite stick which can extend from 8"-21". Bite sticks are very effective dog attack deterrent tools. They deploy easily and keep attacking dogs at bay. This bite stick comes with a holster.

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04/24/2015 Isabel from San Juan, Puerto Rico

QDoes the 21" Extendable Bite Stick include the holster?

AYes, the 21" Extendable Bite Stick does come with the holster.

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11/20/2016 Michael from Clarksville, Texas

QIs the Tomahawk BS21 21" Extendable Bite Stick legal to carry in most cities?


You should not need a license to carry a bite stick or similar item such as the Tomahawk BS21 21" Extendable Bite Stick, however†we would suggest checking with your local authorities if you are concerned about what qualifies as a concealed weapon in certain environments and public places.

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