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Tower Herbicide

Tower Herbicide is a pre-emergence broad-spectrum herbicide that contains a new active ingredient, dimethenamid-p (DMTA-P). It is a great control for landscape and grounds maintenance, commercial ornamental production, tree plantations, and golf course turf grass areas. Tower is powerful and effective on various broadleaf weeds that are small seeded. Tower also controls various types of grassy weeds, yellow nutsedge and annual sedges. Tower controls weeds by preventing cell development and shoot formation. This pre-emergent herbicide will help control the toughest weeds out there such as goose grass, spurges and dove weed.

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    5 of 5 stars  Excellent Doveweed control in St Augustine Grass
    By Somebody in Florida on 12/01/2015

    Tower pre-emergent herbicide gave excellent Doveweed control in my central Florida St Augustine grass, but only for 6-8 weeks after application. Application timing is important. The product label permits up to 3 applications per year. Doveweed grows in central Florida from June until October. I applied the product at the end of May, middle of July, first of Sept.

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10/28/2014 Larry from Longwood Fl.

QCan Gallery and Tower be mixed together or is it best to apply each separately.


Yes, both Gallery and Tower are labeled for tank mix combinations. Be sure to read and follow the label instructions on each product.

Before tank mixing, always perform a simple jar test to
ensure compatibility of herbicides.
1. For 20 gallons per acre spray volume, use 3.3 cups (800 ml) of water. For other spray volumes, adjust rates accordingly. Only use water from the intended source at the source temperature.
2. Add components in the sequence indicated in the mixing order for Ground-driven and Backpack Sprayers section using 2 teaspoons for each pound or 1 teaspoon for each pint of label rate per acre.
3. Always cap the jar and invert 10 cycles between component additions.
4. When the components have all been added to the jar, let the solution stand for 15 minutes.
5. Evaluate the solution for uniformity and stability. The spray solution should not have free oil on the surface, nor fine particles that precipitate to the bottom, nor thick (clabbered) texture. If the spray solution is not compatible, repeat the compatibility test with the addition of a suitable compatibility agent. If the solution is then compatible, use the compatibility agent as directed on its label. If the solution is still incompatible, DO NOT mix the ingredients in the same tank

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04/30/2014 Roland from Chuckey, Tennessee

QDescription and Application for Tower Herbicide
Is this a powder or a liquid? How much is in the container? How much do you apply for each acre?

ATower Herbicide is a 1/2 gal container of liquid. The amount per acre depends on what and how you are treating. Please see page 7 of the product label. You would use between 21-32 oz. per acre.

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02/18/2016 Doug from Strasburg, Ohio

QCan Tower be applied over the top of conifers?
I have Blue and Norway Spruce, Douglas, Canaan and Concolor Fir, White and Scotch Pine. Will spray cause any damage if it comes in contact with needles?


Tower is labeled to be applied over and around conifers. †Per the product label: Do Not apply Tower during spring growth or injury to terminals may occur, in particuler to Pinus and Taxus species.

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09/14/2013 Micky from Edmond Ok

QWhen is the Tower Herbicide applied?

AThe Tower Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that would normally be applied either in the fall or spring for control of listed weeds/grasses. However every region across the US has a different time frame on when you need to have a pre-emergent down by in order to get the control you are looking for. We recommend contacting your local Master Gardener or Cooperative Extension Office to find out when the time frame is for this type of application in your area to see the best results.

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11/10/2015 Mary from Ocala, Fl

QIs Tower Herbicide safe for use on St. Augustine grass?


Yes, you can use Tower Herbicide on St.Augustine grass for pre-emegent weed control. It states on the label to use at a rate of 21 fluid ounces per 32 acres of area.

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09/18/2013 Stephen from Bend, Oregon

QIs Tower Herbicide effective applied in the fall?

ATower Herbicide is effective applied in the fall, depending on where you are located. If you are located in the northern Zone you make one application in spring by May first. If you are in the transition zone you one-two applications March-May and August-October 31st. If you are in the southern zone you make two-three applications Spring Feb-March and Fall August through October 31st.

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