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Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier

The Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier is a specially formulated pest barrier that protects trees from destructive climbing insects. It specifically obstructs cutworms, black vine weevils, webworms, tussock moths, tent and army caterpillars, ant, pecan and root weevils, cankerworms, and gypsy moths. The paste is made with all natural ingredients: gum, resins, vegetable oil and wax. It is non-drying, sticky and has a caramel color. Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier is ready to use, long-lasting, weather resistant and certified non-toxic to humans, pets, beneficial insects and to the environment. It is best used around the trunks of fruit trees, shade trees, plants or vines. Before application, wrap the tree trunk with a banding material for convenience in removal.

This product is no longer available.

Set Up Instructions
Wrap Tanglefoot Barrier band around trunk. On rough bark trees plug all gaps under band with cotton batting or similar material. Do not apply directly to young, thin-barked trees or to bearing fruit or nut trees. Apply Tanglefoot Insect Barrier on banding material using a putty knife or disposable paddle to spread 3" (7.62cm) by 1/16" (1.59mm) thick. When sticky areas become covered with insects or debris, remove banding and repeat. Remove bands at end of season.

Remove Tree Tanglefoot from tools with mineral spirits. Remove from hands or skin with baby oil or citrus cleaners then wash with soap and water.

Tips and Tricks
Before applying Tree Tanglefoot, we recommend wrapping the tree trunk with Tanglefoot Banding Material. Banding material extends the life of Tree Tanglefoot, makes removal easy and prevents any possibility of the Tree Tanglefoot staining the trunk of the tree.

Easy-to-use kits, combining the insect barrier and banding material are available. Remove the tree bands at the end of the season.

How to Use

We recommend using 4” wide wrap of waterproof paper or tape on the trunk of the tree and applying Tree Tanglefoot over the wrap. Tree Tanglefoot is oil-based and the oils will soak into the bark. Banding material eliminates staining of the tree and offers quick, complete removal of the sticky material. In addition, Tree Tanglefoot will remain sticky longer when applied on top of a surface resistant to oil. For rough bark trees it may be necessary to plug the gaps between the tree trunk and the banding, this can be done by using insulation or other materials.

Apply Tree Tanglefoot Insect barrier in a uniform fashion. It can be applied in a heavy or light coat. Heavy coats are approximately 3” wide and 3/32” thick. A heavy coat is used when the insects to kept from the tree foliage are large or numerous, or when there is little time available to maintain the band. Light coats are 3” wide and 1/16” thick. A light coat is good as a general barrier against smaller or less numerous insects, or when the band can be maintained regularly.

Generally, Tree Tanglefoot will remain sticky and effective until it is covered with insects, dust or other debris. A build-up of debris or insects will create a bridge for other insect to cross. This debris requires removal and possible re-application in spots. If an area is unusually dusty or the surface of the barrier is stiffened, Tree Tanglefoot can be rubbed around to expose a new sticky layer beneath. Remove bands at end of season.

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