Truban 30 WP Fungicide


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Truban 30 WP Fungicide bag (2 lbs)

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Truban 30 WP Fungicide

The Truban 30 WP Fungicide is an advance formulated wettable powder that is intended for use in commercial greenhouses, nurseries and commercial turf as well. It effectively controls and prevents damping-off, stem and root rot diseases caused by Phytophtora and Pythium. It targets Pythium root and crown rot, Cottony Blight and Pythium Blight. It may be used at time of seeding and transplanting as a drench to control the labeled pathogens. Administer the fungicide only through pressurized drench (flood), sprinkler, or drip (trickle) irrigation systems. Apply on ornamentals like bedding plants, bench plantings of tropical foliage plants, container and bedgrown plants, and established turf (golf course greens and tees only). Thoroughly rinse fungicide residues out of all equipment after use.

A Fungicide 30% Wettable Powder for control of damping-off, root and stem rot diseases cased by Pythium and Phytophthora in ornamental and nursery crops. For control of Pythium Blight, damping-off, Cottony Blight, and Pythium root and crown rot on ornamental turf.

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