Turface Athletics Pro League Heritage Red


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Turface Athletics Pro League Heritage Red bag (50 lbs)

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Turface Athletics Pro League Heritage Red
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The Turface Athletics Pro League Heritage Red is a superior conditioner with rich red color and patented particle size for an ultimate fielding and sliding surface. The Turface covers up to 25 square feet area and it offers a smooth, efficient, skinned playing surface that reduces conceivably threatening bad hops. Its properties are excellent to absorb moist for an enhanced footing and maximum rain out protection. The permeable calcined clay particles absolutely resist compaction, enhance drainage and create a secured and playable skinned surfaces. You can utilize less material with Turface because it has low bulk density compared with shale and vitrified clay. This infield conditioner will surely give players an exciting game experience where they can perform at their best.

The Choice of MLB Groundskeepers

More MLB groundskeepers use Turface than any other infield conditioner for managing moisture, improving drainage, and keeping skinned surfaces safe and playable. The porous, calcined clay particles effectively resist compaction, and because of its low bulk density, you can use less material with Turface than with shale and vitrified clay. Pro League provides an excellent playing surface on skinned infields and is available in a variety of colors for a beautiful field.


Use the following formula to determine the amount of Turface to incorporate into the skinned infield mix. Infields should be amended at 15% to 20% by volume, 4 inches deep.
Turface tons required = area x depth of incorporation (in inches) x desired % of Turface (20% = 0.2)/667

For example: To determine the amount of TURFACE required to amend an infield skinned area of 9000 sq. ft. at a depth of 4 inches at a 20% volume:
9000 x 4 x 0.2/667 = 10.8 tons of TURFACE

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