Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4 - 10 - 10


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Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4 - 10 - 10 bag (4 lbs)
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Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4 - 10 - 10

Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4-10-10 is a great supplement to your plants, containing great additions to your new plant's diet, like bone meal, phosphorous and potassium. Great for the new bulbs and helping your established plants bloom, Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4-10-10 is a great way to give your bulbs and other plants a boost and they will bloom bright and vibrantly. Ultragreen Bulb and Bloom Food 4-10-10 has the same great feature of all Ultragreen products of having a slow nitrogen release into the soil, helping increase the health of the plants.

From the earliest crocus, to brilliant gladiolus, to the sparkling colors of summer anemones, your bulbs need a special combination of plant foods to bloom their brightest and grow their best, and then come back year after year. It’s easy to give them what they need, with ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food.We’ve blended traditional and synthetic plant foods to produce a unique fertilizer that provides nitrogen from four different sources. We’ve added a mix of nutrients that are available to plants quickly to help them get off to a great start. We’ve added others that last longer to keep on feeding bulbs steadily for over four weeks. ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food also supplies extra minerals, so flower bulbs are never hungry for these essential elements. For bulbs of all kinds, use ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food at planting time and again as flowers fade. ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food is ready to use and does not need to be mixed with water.


When planting a whole bed or border of bulbs: Spread 3-1/2 cups of ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food evenly over each 50 sq. ft. of garden area (5' x 10'). Mix it into the soil to a depth of 3-6 inches, along with any compost or other soil amendments you are adding.Planting depth varies widely, depending on the type of bulb. Check bulb packet or with local nursery for correct planting directions for the bulb you chose.

When planting one bulb at a time: Mix 1 tablespoon of ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food into the bottom of the planting hole. Drop in a handful of soil and place the bulb. Do not let the bulb directly touch the plant food.

For bulb bed or border: Use 3/4 cup ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food for every 12 sq. ft. (3' x 4'). Spread it around bulbs. Keep fertilizer off leaves. Mix ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food lightly into surface of the soil, but do not disturb plant roots.

For individual bulbs: Spread 1-2 tbsp. of ULTRAGREEN Bulb & Bloom Food in a circle around the plant. Keep plant food away from the leaves or stems. Mix it lightly into surface of the soil, but do not disturb plant roots. After bulbs are finished flowering, allow leaves to die down naturally. They are storing up food for next year’s flowers. After six weeks, leaves can be cut off. Always water planting beds well after adding fertilizer.

One cup = approximately 1/2 pound•

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