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Thomas writes,

Used all Bifen products to wipe out springtails but some still enter the home. What am I doing wrong?

I put down the Bifen granules, sprayed the Bifen IT inside and outside the home perimeter, and I even puffed some Delta Dust in the historical problem areas. I still see these little guys in the home. It's amazing. I don't have leaks, the outside beds are all dry and these little guys still are living comfortably when I inspect under some grass clipping or pull up weeds. They don't come in the home where it's an outbreak and they are all over the floor, it's more of a here and there occurrence. Always in the same spots although sometimes I see they may have ventured out further into other areas of the home if I didn't see them immediately. I thought all the prep work would do the trick. I really worked on the carpenter ants even though they still come in my home, they are always either dead or ready to collapse. Those springtails still march on though. I've recently seen new ones on a brand new window sill from windows that were installed only 3 months ago. I have no idea how they got there. I'm thinking they are living in the home or getting in somehow bypassing the stuff that should kill them. How are they living when I'm not giving them anything to live on? Are they just getting in by accident because of all the outside poison?


Springtails are very, very difficult to eradicate.  The Bifen granules and spray will kill them, but the problem is that the source is almost always where you cannot access it.  Springtails reproduce faster than you can kill them.  The most common place that people have issues is under their house, typically under their slab.  Springtails can breed under the slab, and then come up through cracks, or follow plumbing pipes into the house.  If they are typically in a bathroom or near the kitchen sink, this is probably what they are doing.  Moisture can be under the slab and you not really know it.  This is almost impossible to eradicate completely.  There is no way to get the Bifen product where they are without drilling holes through the slab.  We have had customers in the past have to call pest control companies to drill through the slab of their home and inject product under the slab.  This is rare, but possible.  Other times they may be nesting in a wall or some other hard to reach area.  One thing is for sure is that you are not doing anything wrong.  Sometimes it just takes time for whatever area they are in to dry out, and you have to play a waiting game.  Its not that the products are not working, it is that they are located in a place you cannot get the product without demolishing half of your house.  Hang in there and continue to apply.  Or, you can always call a professional company that does Free Inspections that has experience with Springtails and maybe they can help identify the source.

Answer last updated on: 05/31/2011

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