Vessel 3 Way Herbicide


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Vessel 3 Way Herbicide

Vessel 3 Way Herbicide is a broad spectrum post emergent broadleaf herbicide that contains Trimec. There are 3 active ingredients that are combined together to provide maximum results. Vessel 3 Way Herbicide can be used on both warm and cool season turf grasses. It is great for weed control in turf and ornamental lawns in residential, ornamental and institutional sites.

Commercial Use Only


  • Broad spectrum post-emergent broadleaf weed control.
  • Quick dandelion curl.
  • Tank mix compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, and spray adjuvants.
  • Exceptional turf tolerence.
  • Rainfast in 24 hours.
  • Reseed in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Contains Trimec, which is extra 2, 4-D for a quick visual response.

Avoid drift of spray mist onto flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and other desirable plants.


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05/06/2014 Tanner

QHow much vessel herbicide can I mix into a 25 gallons sprayer with water in it?
I saw the per 1000 sq feet use 1.1 -1.5 fluid o and use 0.5 -5.0 volume water but how does that translate to being used in a 25 gal tank

AGenerally speaking, you would use 1.1-1.5 oz Vessel per gallon to treat 1,000 sq. feet. With that said it would all depend on what you are applying the product to. Please review the product label for your application. If  you have any more questions, please let us know.

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01/15/2016 Elias

QWhat is the minimum temperature to spray Vessel 3 Way Herbicide without damaging the lawn?


You should not use Vessel 3 Way Herbicide†in temperatures above 85 degrees or below freezing. Weeds must be actively growing for it†to work properly. Be sure†to read the†product label†for complete usage instructions.

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04/19/2015 William from 23036 Highway 70 East Heth Ar. 72346

QWill Vessel kill Bermuda grass? All want to do is kill the weeds in it.

AVessel 3 Way Herbicide is labeled to be applied to Bermuda grass and should not harm it when applied as directed.

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09/22/2014 Steve from Blair,ne

QHow long is the shelf life of Vessel 3 Way Herbicide?

AThe shelf live of the Vessel 3 Way Herbicide will typically be 3-5 years if stored properly in a temperature stable environment and out of direct sunlight. 

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10/03/2016 Shawn from Post Falls, Idaho

QCan Vessel 3 Way Herbicide be mixed with a pre-emergent?


We recommend that you perform a test (jar mix)†of the pre-emergent herbicide that you would like to apply as a tank mixture with Vessel 3 Way Herbicide first prior to application. We recommend applying the selective post-emergent when the weeds are actively growing (it is a little late in the season now)†and the pre-emergent prior to the weeds emerging.†Be sure that your type of turf is labeled for application of both products.

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06/28/2013 Shelly from Wahoo, Nebraska

QCan I use Vessel in between the rows of my sweet corn crop?
I have a large patch of sweet corn that is infested with button weed, dock weed and bind weed. I have heard this works wonderfully on these weeds. Can I use it safely in between my garden rows? Will it hurt potatoes and onions?

AVessel is only labeled for use on ornamental lawns and turfgrass. Vessel is not labeled for use around edible plants at all. Corn is one of those plants that is highly susceptible to herbicides and we cannot think of any herbicide that can be safely used around corn for post emergent control. You may want to contact your local department of agriculture for more advice on weed control around your veggies.

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01/11/2014 Richard from Raeford Nc

QIs it safe for centipede grass?
I have centipede grass and I'm trying to control the Bermuda. Just want to make sure I can spray this on my grass without killing it.

AThe product label for Vessel 3 Way does not state that is is for use on Centipede grass so we would not recommend using it.  We are not aware of a product that is labeled to remove Bermuda grass from centipede.  The only suggestion we can give is to kill the Bermuda with a glyphosate product and then re-seed the centipede in those areas

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05/23/2015 Jeff from Fond Du Lac Wi

QI have terrible creeping charlie and jenny. I have tried over the counter and feed mill herbicides that
require a license and nothing works. Any suggestions?


Vessel 3 Way Herbicide is not specifically labeled for creeping charlie and/or jenny.

Spurge Power is a very good option. It controls various broadleaf weeds, such as creeping charlie in various types of lawns. Please check the label for correct rates for your lawn.

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03/03/2016 Wayne from Beaver, Wa

QDoes Vessel 3 Way Herbicide work on dormant weeds?


Vessel 3 Way Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide, therefore will only affect weeds that are actively growing. Post-emergents do not have any affect on dormant weeds or weeds that have not yet germinated.†

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06/24/2015 Denise from Fort Collins

QMy cat developed a rash and stomach pain after Vessel 3 Way Herbicide was applied to our condo community grass.

AIt is usually recommended to keep all pets out of the area while any herbicide is being applied and until it is dry.  If you believe that your cat came into contact with the Vessel 3 Way Herbicide, we suggest that you contact a vet as soon as possible.  You will want to print out the product label and MSDS sheet from our website in case the vet needs information from those documents.  You may also want to contact the manufacturer of Vessel,

PROKoZ Inc., at 770-619-9832, to see what they recommend as well.

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04/28/2017 Linda from Wahoo, Ne

QCan I spray Vessel 3 Way Herbicide in my garden?


Vessel 3 Way Herbicide†is not labeled for use in edible gardens but can be used around and up to the perimeter of gardens. †Avoid spraying when drift or overspray will contact desirable plants.

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10/18/2017 Andy from Wauseon, Oh

QDo you have to be licensed to use this Vessel 3 Way Herbicide?


No, a license is not required to purchase or use Vessel 3 Way Herbicide† in OH. The only state that has a restriction in NY.

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06/08/2017 Jeremy

QWhy does Vessel 3 Way Herbicide cost more than Trimec 992?
Is Vessel supposed to be the "generic" brand of Trimec 992?


We do not classify Vessel 3 Way Herbicide as a "generic" brand of Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide. Both products are herbicides containing the same active ingredients at the same percentage rates†but made by 2 different manufacturers. Price points are set by the manufacturer therefore the pricing is different for both.†

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05/07/2017 B. from Tn

QHow long does Vessel 3 Way Herbicide take to kill weeds?


The time frame it takes weeds to die after Vessel 3 Way Herbicide has been applied depends on the health of the plant. It could take up to three weeks to see full results. For harder to kill weeds, a second application may be done after 30 days.

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