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Norma from Warrensburg Mo writes,

Will Suspend SC kill the larvae and eggs of carpet beetles?


Suspend SC will kill adult Carpet Beetles that come into contact with the treated areas. Carpet beetle infestations can be very difficult to control. The best weapon for getting rid of them is to combine cleaning and insecticides.

It is very important that the source of the infestation (where the damaging larva is harboring) is discovered and eliminated, not just the visible adult insects you see wandering around. Until you find out what that is and deal with it you will continue to get more of the carpet beetles emerging from hiding. Carpet beetles may be as likely to feed on grain based food materials as they are on animal byproducts. Pet foods stored in forgotten places, baking goods left too long in the cupboard, rodent baits tossed in the attic - all of these are quite susceptible to carpet beetle feeding. Plus, you also have the typical carpet beetle diets of dead insects (wasp nests in the attic, dead insects in window sills), feathers (bird nests, dead birds), hair (dead rodents, wool products, trophy mounts), and other things made from animal byproducts. Once the source of the infestation is removed or cleaned, using Suspend SC will help get rid of the annoying adult beetles. You can spray once a month until all of the beetles are gone.

Vacuuming: Carpet beetle larvae like to feed in dark, undisturbed locations like closets, attics, basements, and storage areas. The wide availability of food sources for the larvae (including dust and lint, and pet hair) makes vacuuming the best way to ensure there is minimal food for the larvae to feed on. Vacuuming can also help to remove the larvae and adult beetles already in the home. Regular vacuuming and laundering of rugs, furniture, and linens can help to ensure the beetles are removed and have no food source. If you find a contaminated item, bag and remove this item from your home, if possible.

Proper storage: Before storing silks, woolens, or furs, dry clean as the beetles are attracted to stains and soiled garments. Store in a well-sealed container, using mothballs. Mothballs can limit the beetle’s attraction to the wool or silk. Store pet food, dried meat, and other dried animal products in a well-sealed container.

Insecticides: For things that cannot be washed or dry cleaned, insecticides are the best bet for prevention and eradication. You can also mix in Gentrol IGR with your Suspend SC. This will help to break down the reproduction cycle.

Insecticides can be used for spot-treatments, as a boundary at the edges of rugs, under rugs, under furniture, walls and floors of closets, shelving, cracks, and lint or dust accumulating areas. Be careful around oriental rugs or other fabrics, as some insecticides can stain. Never spray clothing or bedding with insecticide, and always read instructions.

Answer last updated on: 05/22/2015

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