Wingscapes BirdCam Pro Digital Wildlife Camera


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Wingscapes BirdCam Pro Digital Wildlife Camera bird camera
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Wingscapes BirdCam Pro Digital Wildlife Camera
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The Wingscapes BirdCam Pro Digital Wildlife Camera is a motion-activated, digital photographic equipment that offers a closer view of our surprising natural world. It features a powerful 8.0 megapixels and an alterable flash for night time photos and videos. It is equipped with a timelapse setup menu for recording subjects like plants or weather, and a two inch colored preview screen that will let you view the images right away. The advanced Setup menu introduces a user-friendly photo and video program that will let you select time / date / location imprint, number of images per event, delay, program resolution, sensitivity of sensor, delete images and diagnostic test.

All data is automatically stored to the internal memory of the camera. To capture or record a lot more scenes, BirdCam Pro is compatible with an optional memory card. To transfer images or videos directly to a computer or laptop, the camera only requires a USB cable or the SD card.

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  • Takes digital photos or videos with sound.
  • Includes flash and timelapse features for more options.
  • Easy to use right out of the box.
  • Rugged, weatherproof construction so you can leave unattended.
  • Smart Sensor technology reduces empty frames.
  • High resolution for beautiful photos and videos.
  • Versatile mounting options.
  • Connects easily to your computer or television.
  • Makes it easy to track birds and share through e-mail, print or post online.
  • Records data to internal memory or optional memory card.

Mounting your BirdCam Pro

Basic Principles
1. Stability - Mount the BirdCam securely so that it does not move. It should never be hung from above or mounted to an object that moves in the wind. If the BirdCam is moving, it will cause the motion sensor to trigger incorrectly.

2. Focus - Note that the BirdCam Pro lens can be focused manually. This is a snap. Use the included measuring tape to measure the distance between the BirdCam Pro and its target. Set the lens accordingly.

3. Lighting - As with all cameras, it is best to avoid aiming the BirdCam at the source of light (for instance, the sun). Ideally during daytime, position the BirdCam Pro so it is facing its target, e.g. a bird feeder, but facing away from the sun.

On the Ground
For ground-loving birds, set up is simple. Just position your BirdCam directly on the ground. If you’re concerned about it falling over, use the included Stretch Cords to secure the BirdCam to the base of a tree, a post, or other solid feature (a brick works great).

For very precise placement and aiming, no mounting method will beat a camera tripod. A standard threaded tripod mount (¼”-20) is embedded into the bottom and rear of the BirdCam Pro. This allows users to attach the BirdCam Pro to any tripod or any of thousands of 3rd-party camera mounting accessories – providing users with a world of creative opportunities through angle and height adjustment.

Mounting Strap
The BirdCam Pro comes with a Mounting Strap to facilitate mounting. You will find slots in the rear of the BirdCam Pro through which a strap can be threaded. Many users will tighten the BirdCam Pro to a pole, post, stake, or a tree.

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