X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap)


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X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap) pack - 6 traps per pack

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X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap)

Each pack contains 6 individual pre-baited Diamond Glue Traps.  Each trap will attract target insects listed below for a period of 8 - 10 weeks.  Each pack containing 6 traps comes in a resealable foil pouch.

Placement of the traps can affect the amount of insects that will be caught.  For an effective program, it is important that the traps are placed in the best position available, and when they are replaced, the positioning is altered as little as possible so that information from different times of the year can be compared.  Traps should only be placed if the temperature is 55 degrees F. or higher.  

Number of traps will depend largely on the structure of the monitored location, layout of machinery, etc.  For a starting point, place traps in a gril pattern (30 feet to 50 feet) apart; shorter intervals to pin point infestations.  Hang traps around head high in a position with good air movement.  Avoid blocking trap entrances.  Place away from forklift paths and other potential moving objects.  

Avoid heat and direct sunlight.  Dispose of traps away from monitored areas.  

X-Lure RTU traps are safe to handle.  You should avoid unnecessary and extensive contact with skin since some contaminents such as nicotine can have a repellent effect on target pests.

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    5 of 5 stars  Trap Attracts
    By Richard in Raleigh, NC on 07/05/2012
    Verified Purchase

    Within a half hour, I counted at least six moths flying about the trap. Not long after they were stuck to the surface. This trap definitely works as described.

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    5 of 5 stars  Excellent Product
    By Jim in Omaha, NE on 09/25/2015

    Once again, DMOPC delivered a product on time as promised, and with the results as advertised. We rely on this product to detect the presence of carpet, warehouse beetles, and other flying pests before they become an issue in three warehouses.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Great!
    By Bob in TX on 05/13/2016

    This is a great product. Over the past two years I have used it and have killed 500-750 moths. This year they have started back and have 99% of the the present attacks stopped. I use it in the garage and attic. Still don't know no exactly where they are coming from or where they are hibernating.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  X lure RTU combo trap
    By Mead in new bern nc on 02/09/2015
    Verified Purchase

    It works------

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07/16/2015 Sarah from Dallas, Tx

QWill the X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap) work for clothes moths?
I have been using these traps and am getting a lot of moths in our home. I am trapping moths in several bedrooms. Could these be clothes moths?


X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap)    will trap the following species of moths: Indian Meal Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Almond Moth, Raisin Moth, Tobacco Moth, Cigarette Beetle, Khapra Beetle and Warehouse Beetle. We recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension for a pest identification if you are unsure of the species that you are dealing with. We do offer Clothes Moths Traps if you will need those.

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07/10/2014 Tim from Thomasville Ga.

QWill the X-Lure work on flour beetles as well if not is there one that will work on flour beetles and moths?

AThe X-Lure RTU Combo Trap is not labeled for flour beetles.  We do have the Pantry Patrol Phermone Traps for Beetles and Moths that is labeled for both.

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07/30/2015 Ellen from Woodland Hills, Ca

QDoes X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap) trap attract both the male and female Indian meal moth?
The traps I presently use attract only the males an I have been unsuccessful in getting rid of the infestation. I've cleaned my entire kitchen and can't find the source (I believe it was previously destroyed) but keep getting more moths trapped. I obviously need to trap the females to prevent reproduction and hope this is the trap to do it.


X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap)  uses the female pheromone to attact the male moths. It sounds like you also need to us Cy-Kick CS in cracks and crevices to treat for the moths in pupal stages.

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