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XXpire WG Insecticide

XXpire WG insecticide is introduced by Dow AgroSciences, a brand-new product for ornamental pest control. There are two new active ingredients for this new product, Isoclast Active and Spinetoram that have two modes of action. Isoclast is a new chemical class (IRAC Group 4C), and together with Spinetoram they make a product to control 39 insects, including 7 of the top 10 chewing and sap feeding insects.

XXpire WG will provide up to one month of residual control with a 12 hour REI after the application. It is gentle on plants with no injury observed on more than 300 plant species that were tested. XXpire WG can be used in nurseries, greenhouses, and commercial landscapes. It has easy to use water dispersible granules (WG) formulation with virtually no odor. This product is NOT registered for residental use at the time.

New Chemistry - 2 new ALs & 2 different modes of action

XXpire WG combines two new active ingredients, Isoclast Active and Spinetoram. Together, they make a product to control 39 insects, including 7 of the top 10 chewing and sap-feeding insect pests. The two new active ingredients result in two different modes of action and reduce the likelihood of resistance. This makes XXpire WG an effective option to fit into your current IPM resistance rotation.

Gentle on plants

In testing on over 300 species of plants, XXpire WG showed no signs of phytotoxicity. XXpire WG leaves no visible residue on leaves or flowers. In third party university trails, XXpire WG was applied at 4 times the highest labeled application rate and no injury was observed.

Soft on beneficials

Three hours after application, XXpire WG is dry enough to greatly reduce risks to beneficials. No evidence of outbreaks/flaring of secondary pests have been observed. XXpire WG also has shown no significant impact on certain parasitic insects.

Risk to pollinators

For greenhouse applications, there are no concerns or restrictions relative to bees and native pollinators. For outdoor nursery and landscape applications, risk to pollinators is greatly reduced after 3 hours of drying time.

Easy to use

One bottle of XXpire WG can be used to make up to 800 gallons of spray solution. It's easy to measure and pour, plus the concentrated water dispersible granules (WG) formulation ensures:

  • A consistent particle size
  • Low dust
  • Rapid and complete dispersion in water

When to use XXpire WG

Apply XXpire WG when pest appear. Follow Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) guidelines and local recommendation. Do not make more than two consecutive applications, and then rotate to ta different class of chemistry. XXpire WG has a minimum treatment interval of 14 days. Consult your Dow AgroSciences representative, extension service specialist, certified crop advisor or your state agricultural experiment station for any additional local use recommendations for your area.

  • Rotation of compounds between subgroups is recommended only if no options are available between groups
  • Do not apply to any stage of edible crops
  • Outdoor applications: do not make more than 1 application during bloom
  • Greenhouses: there are no restrictions during bloom

How to use XXpire WG

XXpire WG can be used alone or in a tank mix, and it is compatible with air blast sprayers. Apply as a foliar spray just to the point of runoff (up to 200 GPA). Uniformly cover upper and lower leaf surfaces for optimal control. All applications methods should follow the maximum application rate of:

  • Outdoor applications: 5.5 oz per acre on plants in bloom; 7.0 oz per acre on plants not in bloom
  • Greenhouses: 7.0 oz per acre

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12/20/2016 Kathyrn from Wilmington

QHow long is XXpire WG Insecticide viable after being mixed with water?


XXpire WG Insecticide†should be used or discarded within 24 hours of mixing.

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