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Please be sure that you need this bed bug product before ordering. We cannot accept returns on bed bug items after they have left our warehouse due to the possibility of spreading bed bugs. Please call our customer service team at 866-581-7378 for defective items. If purchasing encasements please carefully measure your mattress and boxspring prior to making your purchase.

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ZappBug Heater heat treatment chamber
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ZappBug Heater
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The ZappBug Heater will kill 100% of bed bugs in books, shoes, paper goods, clothing and many more items. It's designed to fit most common carry-on or checked luggage. Measures 43" x 22.75"x 24". It is very portable, and can easily be transported as a 13-inch cube. 100% non-toxic and safe - it contains no pesticides or chemicals, only heat. The temperature will range between 120-155 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills all bed bugs, but is safe for your belongings. The ZappBug Heater is very easy to use. It can be assembled by just one person in under 10 minutes. It uses a separate 1500w, 110V power source and can be operated in both commercial and residential locations. It includes automatic shut-off timers as well as a tip-over safety feature. Also included are a digital wireless thermometer and 3 digital probes to ensure that temperatures remain over 120 F in all items you are treating (bed bugs will die very quickly at 120 F and above). The Zappbug Heater is not for treating rooms.

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Kills 100% of bed bugs in books, files, shoes, clothing, bedding, paper products, electronics, and more. Will fit most common carry-on or checked luggage. Portable, easy to carry and assemble.

NOTE: The Zappbug Heater will kill bed bugs on the items that are placed inside the zippered chamber. It will not kill bedbugs outside of the zippered chamber.

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    3 of 5 stars  Zappbug Heater
    By Steve in Ellensburg, Washington on 05/12/2014

    The heaters work well but need a temp control thermostat so the temp can be regulated. We already melted one TV.

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  • 18 of 19 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Works Great - ZappBug Heater
    By John in St. Petersburg, FL on 07/24/2014
    Verified Purchase

    This product is great. It not only is cheaper that other Bed Bug Cookers that I have used in the past, but it also comes to temperature (Over 120 Degrees) quicker than the more expensive units I have purchased in the past. It also folds down to a smaller size for storage, although sometimes it is hard to figue out how to fold it down. This "Cooker" is half the price and ships out fast. We use these in a residential setting for all our new admits and also to treat clothing and belongings when a person has been out of the facility for a visit. Works great - you should get yourself one.

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  • 17 of 19 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Zappbug heater
    By Todd in St Petersburg, FL on 04/03/2014

    This is a good product. It is easy to use and funtions well. It does not require staff training. I works consistently and quietly.

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01/23/2014 Tf from Salt Lake City Utah

QHow many square feet does the ZappBug Heater cover at a time?
For example: does it only cover a one standard bedroom size? Or 1500 square feet? More or less? Information on this would definitely help me utilize this to the best.

AThe ZappBug Heater is not a room heater. It is used to heat treat books, shoes, paper goods, clothing, luggage and many more items.

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03/25/2014 John from Ny

QHow long does it take The ZappBug Heater to reach the lethal temperature?


The ZappBug Heater reaches a kill temp in the range between 120-155 degrees Fahrenheit within 1 hour.

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03/07/2014 Cristina from California

QHow does the ZappBug Heater heat up?
What does one use to heat it ?Also, can you give the exact measures in centimeters?


The ZappBug Heater includes a small portable heater that uses a separate 1500w, 110V power source. The measurements for the ZappBug Heater is 43x 22.75 x 24 inches assembled which converts to 109.22 x 57.785 x 60.96 centimenters assembled.

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02/26/2014 Jonathan from Wichita Ks

QCan I put my suitcase in the ZappBug Heater still packed or do I need to take my clothes out and heat them outside of the suitcase?

AWe recommend taking the clothes out of the suitcase so they can be properly treated. The clothing and suitcase can be treated in the ZappBug Heater.

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02/11/2015 Liz

QDo the sides have any give on the ZappBug Heater heater?
My couch cushions are slightly larger than the dimensions and being able to heat them would be a main motive for buying this

AWe have spoken with the manufacturer of the ZappBug Heater and they have stated the sides have some slight give and they should be fine for cushions since they're soft, although they do not recommend putting anything too big in that's hard and could warp the frame. The only limiting factor will be the opening at  the top which still has a little give.

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01/22/2014 Caleb from Ft. Worth, Texas

QWhat is the limit to the size of room the ZappBug Heater will heat?

AThe ZappBug Heater is designed to treat items such as books, shoes, paper goods, and clothing. The dimensions are 43" x 22.75"x 24".

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03/23/2015 Paige from Chicago, Il

QWill ZappBug Heater damage or melt certain fabrics?
I buy vintage clothes at thrift stores and have a great fear of bringing home bedbug eggs that might be hiding in the seams. I always wash the clothes immediately, but not all items can be washed in hot water or dried on hot setting. Therefore, it seems to follow that the Zappbug might damage those garments, I'm wondering if that's correct.

AA ZappBug Heater ranges from 120-155 degrees Fahrenheit. With that being said, if you have an article of clothing that you will likely not put into a dryer, it should not go into the ZappBug Heater. We would recommend being very careful with items made of synthetic fabrics.

Bed bugs die in 120 degrees Fahrenheit and above. If you are washing your items and drying them when you get them from the store, you are likely doing enough to make sure that the bed bugs are not hatching. You could also use Steri-Fab directly on your clothing as well.

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10/13/2015 Nmk from Boston, Ma

QWhat happens to the carcasses when using the ZappBug Heater?
What is the protocol to rid the ZappBug Heater of the fallen bed bugs? Is there an exterminating/sucking mechanism or should we shake out each item individually for carcasses?


Any carcassess in the ZappBug Heater would need to be physically removed from the unit.†You can use a standard vacuum and then empty or you can shake it out.†Items would need to be inspected and vacuumed or shook out as well.

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03/22/2016 R from Indiana

QDoes the ZappBug Heater plug in to any standard socket in the house?
Most of my plug sockets are 2 prong sockets. I have a couple 3 prong sockets in the kitchen and bath. Would it be safe to plug it in anywhere in the house?


Yes, ZappBug Heater will fit into a standard socket in the home.

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02/20/2014 Jessica from Cincinnati, Ohio

QIs the ZappBug Heater safe for electronics, such as my ps3 & blue ray player??

AWhile the ZappBug Heater manufacturer says that it can be used for electronics, they do recommend that you consult consult the manufacturer of the items in question for

a maximum safe temperature before placing them in the ZappBug Oven.

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04/18/2015 Toni from Compton

QIf the bug zapper is not a room heater then how does it work

A ZappBug Heater is designed to heat items, like luggage clothing, etc. 

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03/03/2017 Cindy

QWill ZappBug Heater work on fleas?
I am dealing with a flea infestation in one apartment (although it has gotten better with the use of some sprays), but will be moving soon and do not want to bring the fleas to my car, my new apartment, and my work. I figure fleas would die when heated as well? What's the dimensions of the largest thing I could fit in this oven? And I'd only need one outlet for this one, right? Thank you.


The ZappBug Heater†will kill fleas that are heated by it, but it's not our top recommendation for Fleas. Plus, this heater is only for small items that need to be treated. We recommend to check our Flea Guide.†The dimensions of the ZappBug are†43x 22.75 x 24. It does only require one outlet.

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