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Please be sure that you need this bed bug product before ordering. We cannot accept returns on bed bug items after they have left our warehouse due to the possibility of spreading bed bugs. Please call our customer service team at 866-581-7378 for defective items. If purchasing encasements please carefully measure your mattress and boxspring prior to making your purchase.

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ZappBug Oven Bed Bug Oven
This product is being discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the ZappBug Oven 2.
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ZappBug Oven
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ZappBug Oven uses heat to kill all stages of bedbugs by treating your household goods (like bedding, clothing, electronics, books, shoes, and small furniture pieces) with heat ranging between 120 F and 155 F. The ZappBug Oven is the largest bed bug oven available and is 500% bigger than the regular Packtite and 200% bigger than the Packtite Closet. The extra space allows you to treat more items at one time reducing the amount of time needed to fight your bed bug problem. There are no chemicals or pesticides used by the ZappBug just heat making it safe and non-toxic.

For those of you who travel the ZappBug can fit both checked and carry-on size luggage pieces. Just treat your bags after every trip to insure that you did not bring along any unwanted passengers.

Using the ZappBug is simple and easy. Set the oven up, put the items inside that you want to treat and turn it on. A built in timer automatically shuts the ZappBug Oven off when the treatment is over and the included wireless digital thermometer will let you monitor the temperature to insure it reaches peak bed bug killing temps of +120 F.

Storage is easy as the ZappBug Oven folds to just 4 inches thick when not in use.

  • The ZappBug Oven kills 100% of bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults.
  • Based on scientific research that proves bed bugs die at temperatures above 120F.
  • Gently heats contents to above 120F, eliminating 100% of bed bugs in all life stages.
  • Completely non-toxic and safe: No pesticides, no chemicals, just heat.
  • Heater is designed for safety with a tip-over safety feature.
  • Insulated kill box for greater efficiency.
  • Largest bed bug oven available. 5X bigger than regular Packtite. 2X bigger than Packtite Closet.
  • Measures: 39.5 inches x 39.5 inches x 28 inches. 25 cubic feet of bed bug killing capacity.
  • Travel often? Prevent bed bug infestations by heat treating luggage after returning from a trip.
  • Accommodates both checked and carry-on luggage.
  • Already have an infestation? Effectively eliminate bed bugs from your personal belongings.
  • Accommodates small furniture, shoes, books, papers, artwork, and most other items.
  • Box folds flat to 4 inches thickness for easy storage.
  • Easy to use. Simply load with items and press on. Shuts off automatically when done.

****The Zappbug Oven CANNOT be returned once it is purchased and left our warehouse.  Any issues with defective parts will be replaced by the manufacturer.  We will not accept returns or process refunds on any Zappbug Oven units due to the possibility of bed bugs traveling back with the product.  You should only order this product if you know you need it. ****

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08/19/2013 Dana from San Francisco, Ca

QHow long do we leave things in the ZAppBug oven for?

AThe kill time can vary from 3-6 hours depending on what items you are treating. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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08/19/2013 Dana from San Francisco, Ca

QWill zapping a suitcase full of stuff also kill bedbugs on everything inside?

AThe ZappBug Oven is designed for both carry on and checked luggage to fit inside of to treat all items at once. The more stuff you have packed inside the suitcase, the longer it needs to stay in as it has more layers that the heat has to penetrate through. If you were only treating a few clothing items by themselves you would probably only need to treat for 3 hours versus longer times for thicker items.

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08/19/2013 Dana from San Francisco, Ca

QWhy would I choose this product over Paktite, which is cheaper?
PS I found the answer to how long to leave things in, 3-6 hours, but would like more clarification (that's quite a range).

ABoth products work really well when used as directed. You can see the side by side comparison here: Packtite vs Bug Oven. With this comparison you can see that the size of each product is different,  the material and contruction is idifferent and the warranties on each product is different. The 3-6 hour range is given because the more items or you put in at one time the longer the items would need to remain in the product to reach bedbug killing temps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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04/07/2013 Stephen from Atlanta, Ga

QWhy this vs.using my home oven? I have been baking certain things at very low temps with some success.

AWe think the obvious answer would be because of the exposed element in your oven which could lead to a fire. And also, most folks are not willing to put bedbug infested items in the same oven they will use to cook their food.

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