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Tempo 20 WP jar (420 g)
This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please consider Tempo Ultra WP and Tempo SC Ultra as alternatives. Both products contain the same active ingredients, by the same manufacturer Bayer, in different forms.
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Tempo 20 WP

Tempo 20 WP is an economic and versatile solution against a wide range of pests on both outdoor and indoor surfaces around your livestock buildings including food/feed and non-food/feed areas. The active ingredient in Tempo 20 WP is Cyfluthrin a 4th gen pyrethroid that kills insects on contact and after ingestion including those that may have developed resistance to carbamate and organophosphate. This advanced formula will go farther at lower rates than previous generation pyrethroids providing quick contact kill and residual control for up to a month.

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1 even scoop contains 5 g of Tempo 20 WP

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07/16/2014 Henry from Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada

QIs it safe to use Tempo 20 WP on a vegetable garden? And if so, how long before you may eat veggies?

ATempo 20 WP should NOT be applied to anything edible. If you have applied the product to vegetables, they should be discarded. For products that are safe to use on edible vegetation, please click on the link below. If you need help selecting a product, please contact us at 866.581.7378 M-F 9-5PM EST.

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07/06/2013 Joyce from Indiana

QHow do I mix Tempo 20 wp?

AYou want to mix Tempo 20WP at  a rate of 20 grams per (four 5-gram scoopfuls)/1,000–square–foot rate will provide quicker knockdown and/or longer residuals.

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05/11/2013 Chris from Madera, Ca

QDoes Tempo WP kill flies?

ATempo Wp will treat and is labeled for flies. The label states to use 2 scoops per gallon of water to treat flies. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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05/18/2016 Dino

QHow long after I spray Tempo 20 WP can my cat come back into the area?


You would need to keep the cat out of the are while you are spraying Tempo 20 WP, and until the product completely dries.

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10/08/2013 Jo from Cody

QHow much Tempo 20 WP do I mix in a gallon sprayer?

AThe amount of product per gallon would depend on what and where you will be treating. Tempo 20 WP has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please refer to the product label for more detailed information.

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